Logistical Support

Customers, especially Automotive players, are running just-in-time and depend on us to have the right part, in the right container, at the right place, at the right time.

This requires precision coordination of the Ramco supply chain. Our material planning system seamlessly integrates your material releases into our forecasting system, ensuring that your requirements are met each time, every time.

We are fully conversant in all EDI transactions and also work with various web-based tools.

Our commitment is to meet your logistics requirements. This includes:

  • Ergonomic container weights
  • Returnable Eco-Friendly Containers
  • AIAG Barcode Labeling, including point-of-use addressing
  • Customer specific delivery programs

Ramco has a  history of successfully facilitating solutions to fastening challenges. Call us today to ask how we can support your product requirements.

Label verification machine checking Ramco packages for accuracy

Label verification ensures 100% accuracy for the end user